There are moments in time when you KNOW Heaven is preparing you for a miracle



Are you wanting to experience a #Christmasmiracle follow us as we share a miraculous journey

There are moments in time when you KNOW Heaven is preparing for a miracle…

These two have decided to live out loud and surround themselves with a community of people who can stand strong with them… to encourage them, pray for them, and expect a miracle with them.

We have watched Edson love deeply with his Servant heart as he takes care of his precious Chelsea . We thank Heavenly Father every day for him being Her “eternally yours.” We have watched Chelsea decide many times to hope again, to dream again, to expect again and to continue to find her happy place.

Sometimes you don’t accept the cards you’ve been dealt

– instead you dictate what your future holds and for this precious family it is the birth of one of the future greats!

Thank you for sharing this journey with the Estrada’s … and if you feel tender and hopeful with us- please “share” their story and be part of their family’s miracle

A family of #fightingSpirits is exactly why this little Cassius cannot be stopped from experiencing all that life has to offer 😉 Give us a day or two and we will share more details of their precious journey through www.bundleofhappy.com

Thank you! We love you and are already overwhelmed with the love and support you have given!
– Terry and Kristin





And his name is Cassius