Elder Kriss: The Plan Of Salvation

Hey man 

I don’t know you

Gimme a second

And  I’ll show you

That I really know your story

Might not laugh now

You’re like Finding Dory

Cuz you lived with God

But you can’t remember

And you’ll end boxed up

Return to sender

Ready for the next adventure

So hang on kid

It’s a real heart wrencher 

There was a guy

Way up there

Betrayed God

Lost his share

Now he’s gotten really crabby

Turned into

The big ol’ baddy

He tried Adam 

And he tricked Eve

It was the only plan

He could concieve 

To drag us all down here with him

To this world filled with

Blood and sin

But God had chosen

A special guy

To live this life

Suffer and die

So we could change who we are

Mold ourselves

To be up to par 

Now our goal

Is to be like him

Serve like him

And see like him

Helping others through this test

And we know God will do the rest

When we die

We go to paradise

Or wait a while

To pay the price

Then we’ll get our bodies back

Like Jesus from the tomb

Then we’ll be judged

For who we became

If we got better

Or we’re just the same

Then heaven will be divided in three

Cuz there’s a difference between

Him,   Her,    Me

Celestial is where 

The good guys go

The faithful, the righteous

And need to know

Learned his plan and followed it through

Completed all

They were asked to do

Terrestrial is where 

Nice people go 

That didnt believe 

Or didn’t grow 

Got a little lost along the way 

Caught up in

What people say

Telestial is where

The rest end up

That just dont care

Or had given up 

There’s more but i dont have time haha until next time

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