Beer Butt Chicken

I also made this last night…
Beer can chicken

AKA beer butt chicken

AKA chicken on a throne 🐔

  • Make a rub. Rub a dub dub.
  • Stick it on a can of beer (Budweiser… I’ve used others and it tastes like beer-gross)
  • cook according to directions on chicken package. Which is 20 minutes per pound at 350°


The skin is crispy, the meat is beyond MOIST! This is also fall off the bone… When you cut the skin, the wings and legs fall or pull right off.



Q & A

Question: Are you saying the beer evaporated into the chicken with the heat?

You just open the can of beer and put chicken on it?

Mother Hubbard’s Answer:  Yes ma’am. Not all of the beer will be gone. I have a secret… When the chicken is done. I put it on its back and the rest of the beer pours out in the inside and the pan. I set the oven to low and cook an extra half hour… That makes it extra juicy! 

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