About Us

Hi! I’m Kristin. Thanks for stopping by.

Just yesterday I was navigating young adulthood, meeting my happily ever after, and raising 4 small babies.

…and in a twinkling, 3 of those babies are married and the baby of them all has left the United States to pursue something greater than himself.

Leaving me behind to figure out my next chapter.

As I reflect, I realize that many are entering the season I’m exiting and may google some of my life experiences as they navigate their next 30 years.

I’m also realizing that my family wouldn’t be creating the legacy we are if it weren’t for all the amazing people who have entered our life at different points to influence and mold us with their example and guidance.

My desire is to create an interactive web presence that brings these life experiences together to influence the next generation of music makers and dreamers of dreams.

We know that we need to value a moment before it becomes a memory

We have realized that sometimes we think we have time … until we don’t.

In the world we live in it’s important to remember a person’s a person…

And with so many differing opinions sometimes we need to throw kindness.

Many days we need to figure out what to enjoy.

Nunca somos jovens demais para aprender nem velhos demais para mudar ( we are never too young to learn nor too old to change ).

Sometimes — just sometimes, all you need is a billion dollars.

Most importantly, we know without a shadow of a doubt we delight in His grace!

This is my immediate family:

My best friend and me of over 30 years.

Pregnant with our first.

Our 1st with his best friend.

Our 2nd with her best friend.

Our 3rd with her best friend.

Our 4th donating 2 years in the service of someone greater than he.

Just yesterday they were but babies.


We are excited to share our life, love, extended family and friends with you!